Public transportation has been an imperative concentration for city advancement as of late to enhance movement administration and personal satisfaction.

Surveillance cameras are the ideal security answer for transportation security. Train stations, buses, trams, shuttles and subways with video surveillance help to protect innocent passengers from possible, crime and terrorist attacks and help to maintain a safe environment.


  • Vandalism Prevention: Vandalism of public transit is a common occurrence especially on buses, subways and train stations. Visible surveillance cameras helps to prevent defacing of property on buses with graffiti. Identification of these vandals helps to stop repeat offenders.
  • Crime and Violence Prevention: We live during a time where public transportation is unfortunately targeted by terrorists. Whether its New York or London, bomb scares have been reported at major cities worldwide. Subway stations and subways in larger cities are often prime locations for pick pocketing and muggings. A well installed video security system helps to reduce theft and crime, and is key in identifying suspicious behavior, violence, theft, violence and possible gang activity.
  • Easy: New digital enhancements in video security systems allow complex and large public transportation networks to easily be monitored with video security cameras. Cameras from all public transportation hubs can be centrally monitored at one location no matter the technology used at individual stations, subways or trains.

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