With the expanding quantities of populace, we saw the expanding number of untoward occurrences in government claimed premises for open utilize. Government properties, for example, parks, workplaces, healing facilities, schools, streets and transports, railroads, and airplane terminals, are continually presented to general society. To anchor these spots from crime occurrences, a guard dog is required to screen the place. CCTV cameras are the potential gadgets to protect the administration offices. This security framework can record the occasions that happen in government premises and specific spots.

It is imperative to ensure properties are secured and safe in public sector. In today’s world of cut-edge technologies, a radical way is required to protect them from well-equipped neo criminals. CCTV camera is one of the potential gadgets to render such surveillance system.


  • Reduce crime rate
  • Regulate traffic
  • Secure public buildings
  • Remote access
  • Avoid terrorism
  • Collect clues and evidences

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